Internet Outage Hits Parts of the United States Due to DDOS Attack

Many users in the east coast of the United States were unable to access several popular sites due to an internet outage caused by a Distributed-Denial-of-service (DDOS) attack targeted at internet management company and major DNS provider, Dyn. The Attack began 7.10am Eastern Time (12.10pm West Central Africa) and was […]

DDOS internet outage

MTN South Africa

South African College Students to Access Schools’ Online Content Free of Charge Thanks to MTN

South African telecommunications company, MTN is offering university students access their respective school’s online curriculum without incurring data costs. This would help the students keep up with announcements and other useful online materials from their school. Currently, students from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and University of Pretoria will […]

CO2 to ethanol

Scientists Accidentally Finds a Way to Turn CO2 Directly into Ethanol

CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases. Instead of allowing the energy absorbed from the sun to re-radiate into space, these gases absorb it and  re-transmit it back to the ground, keeping the ground temperature a bit higher than it otherwise would be. Greenhouse gases – water vapor, CO2, methane and […]

African Scientists -The Father of Supercomputing

Nigeria celebrates her 56th year of independence today. As a country, we have not made as much progress as we should have, but over time we’ve had individuals that made their mark in history. The most populous black nation on earth sure has what it takes to be a major […]

african scientists

18 Years of Innovation – Happy Birthday Google 1

Happy Birthday Google! I join the rest of the world to celebrate the birthday of my best friend. Yea, Google is my friend. I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase “Google is your friend”, said when someone thinks you’re too lazy to use Google before asking a question. Google was […]


Chinese man buys iphone 7 for his dog

Bizarre: Chinese Man Buys Eight iPhone 7s for His Dog. 2

According to Reports coming in from china, Wang Sicong who is the son of Chinese billionaire, Wang Jianlin, bought not one, not two, but eight iPhone 7s for a dog. The photos were posted on the dog’s verified Weibo social media account (China’s version of twitter). via GIPHY What in […]

Trending Tech News from Last Week

For weeks now, the two biggest smartphone companies, Apple and Samsung are in the limelight but for opposite reasons. While Samsung is facing troubling times with exploding batteries of its latest Flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, Apple seems to be the biggest gainers with the launch of the iPhone 7 […]

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