Study Says Your Facebook Friends Are Really Not That Into You 2

Most of your friends on Facebook may not care much about you at all, suggests an Oxford University study published last week.
Friendships involving interactions over social networks are not that different from traditional real-world friendships, found Robin Dunbar, the professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford who conducted the research.
“The conclusion is that despite the pressure to befriend all and sundry with some tenuous link to you via someone else, in fact most people just sign up to the friends they have in the offline world — bar the odd few here or there,” He said. “In other words, people are more savvy than social media!”
The maximum number of friends that the human brain can handle, according to Dunbar, is about 150 — known as the “Dunbar Number.” Those in your circle beyond your top 150, whether online or offline, likely are mere acquaintances.
People really have only about five true close friends, he maintained.
“The fact that people do not seem to use social media to increase the size of their social circles suggests that social media may function mainly to prevent friendships decaying over time in the absence of opportunities for face to face contact,” Dunbar wrote in the report on his research.
These People sha have time with their researches. So they want to tell me that some people on my list are looking at my post like this…???

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