Happiness Paradox—That Your Friends Are Happier than You Are [Research]

Have you heard of the “Happiness Paradox” before? Apparently Science has an answer to everything. Some Scientist believe they have found the first evidence for the “Happiness Paradox”

The friendship paradox is the idea that your friends have more friends than you do, which turns out to be true for most people. According to the researchers, they have plenty evidence to back up the claim and also a mathematical analysis shows why it is true.

An abstract from the publication…

The fact that people’s friends are more popular than they are may also explain another observation for which there is growing evidence—that excessive use of social networks makes people less happy. It’s easy to imagine that knowing that they are less popular than their friends makes people less happy.
This has led to widespread speculation that the distribution of happiness throughout a social network might also lead to a happiness paradox. If happiness correlates with popularity—the being popular makes people happy—then this could be true too.
That’s an interesting hypothesis but there has never been strong evidence to back it up. Until now.
Today that changes thanks to the work of Johan Bollen at Indiana University in Bloomington and a few pals, who have found the first evidence of a happiness paradox on Twitter. They say that it is good evidence that social network use can affect the well-being of a significant proportion of the planet’s population

For more on this you can check out the full article here

What are your thoughts?

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