Facebook Is Testing A Feature That Notifies If Someone Is Impersonating You.

Facebook is reportedly testing a feature that will automatically alert you if it discovers another user is impersonating your account by using your name and photo. This is how it works; when Facebook detects that another profile matches yours, it will send you a notification about the suspected imposter. You’ll then be prompted to identify if the selected profile is in fact impersonating you by using your personal information, or if it belongs to another user who is not in fact an imposter.

As a relief to a lot of users in open societies, not-so-open societies and societies where blasphemy or physical exposure means death, the end of fake or impersonating profiles will come as a big relief. A number of fake profiles are also being used to promote character assassinations, twisting ideologies and deceiving the public and thus deserve a quick demise.

The feature in question has been in testing since November and has been rolled out to 75 per cent of Facebook’s global user base till date. In the process, Facebook has interacted with NGOs, activists, social groups and users to get new ideas and feedback on ensuring security and privacy of individual profiles.


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Frederick Damasus is a tech enthusiast and blogger who has a passion for creativity and innovation. He is a self-taught graphic designer and currently delving into web design and development. He loves photography and volunteers his spare time to inspire children in orphanages through dance. He is a trained Petroleum Engineer but found himself in the AID/Development sector. He currently serves as the M&E/ICT Manager at the Center for Creative Development Strategies, an NGO based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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