Simple Warning Signs Your Laptop Is Dying

A laptop like any other gadget comes with a time span of usability. A laptop too accompanies a lifespan which might contrast for each laptop. A laptop might have a solid run here and there and that relies on upon the Laptop and how you utilized it!. Be that as it may, in some cases there can be abnormalities in a laptop which it tends to show. There can be early indications of a laptop dying. A laptop shows various signs that it is dying and it’s for you to know. Still there are signs that a laptop shows when it’s going to Die. How about we take a look at 5 simple signs you have to watch if your Laptop is dying

Abnormal Sounds 

Your laptop produces abnormal sounds from the motherboard. Its hard to say what, but the sound will vary based on your laptop.


Your Laptop heats up a lot (Can even fry an egg…lwkm). Your laptop heats up even within an hour of its usage. Be warned! End of days.

Problems in Restarting or Booting up 

Your Laptop has a problem while booting up or needs to be constantly restarted. It often breaks down and you are trying to fix it up with a reboot.

File Errors 

It frequently shows file errors. This happens while performing regular tasks especially when you are trying to open files or if while you are updating a software application installed on your Laptop.

Laptop Running Slow 

Your Laptop has become incredibly slow. You are having a tough time with your laptop as it takes forever to process information. Very annoying!

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