Watch How Canadian Prime Minister Schooled a Reporter on Quantum Computing

Canada’s prime minister,Justin Trudeau, schooled a reporter at a conference who taught he knew nothing about quantum computing. But, as it turns out, Trudeau is well-versed on the topic, so he took the opportunity to break it down for everyone present.

In Nigeria we would say “the journalist wan use am shine”, but the prime minister showed him who’s boss.

The journalist started a question by saying, “I was going to ask you to explain quantum computing, but…,” followed by light chuckles in the crowed. he continued by asking how Canada is dealing with terrorism. In response, The Prime Minister said, “Very simple: normal computers work by…,” which caused the crowd to laugh and briefly interrupt him. “No, no, don’t interrupt me,” the prime minister said over the claps. “When you walk out of here, you will know more — no, some of you will know far less about quantum computing — but most of you.”

Trudeau then explained how normal computers are binary systems. “There’s either power going through a wire or not. It’s either 1 or a 0,” he explained. “What quantum states allow is for more complex information to be encoded into a single bit.”

After watching him explain quantum computing I thought he was an IT major. I quickly rushed to wikipedia and found out he earned a BA in English literature from McGill University in 1994, and a BEd from the University of British Columbia in 1998.After graduating, he worked as a teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, then studied engineering, and began a master’s degree in environmental geography.

I think I just schooled myself. Canadians could we borrow your Prime Minister please… He is “boss”.

See the video below

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