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Bionic Eye

Bionic EyeMiracles come in different forms. A man’s sight was restored after 40 years of blindness and it wasn’t in miracle crusade. Science and Technological advancements have been performing their own kind of miracles of recent. John Jameson who’s from Tatum,  Texas, had been blind for more than 40 years after an aggressive infection ended up taking his vision. But he now has a new outlook on life — literally — after a revolutionary surgery involving a bionic eye implant restored his vision earlier this year.
The procedure which has been in development for several years and recently got FDA approval was performed by Dr. Shelby’s WK Eye Institute. It is home to one of the few groups in the country capable of performing the complicated procedure.
The surgery was performed in April and after 40 years of darkness, Jameson miraculously regained his vision with the help of the freshly implanted bionic eye.
An obviously overjoyed Jameson said:

When you’re a kid, you’d wake up for Christmas morning, and you’d walk down and see the tree lights and the gifts and everything – the joy you get when that happens. And now that’s been happening to me for every day, because every day I wake up I can see more and more.
When I wake up in the morning, I love to see nature waking up. It’s like a miracle.

Amazing… Do you believe in miracles?


Technology got me clapping….

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