Meet the ‘Beast’, Xiaomi Mi Max – The Ultimate Phablet 2

Mi Max

Xiaomi unveiled its latest flagship device yesterday, a monstrous 6.4-inch phablet. Suddenly my Redmi Note 3 device looks so stale. Let’s see what this beast can do.

Mi Max comes with a 6.4″ Full HD (1920 x 1080px) display with 342 ppi. It is equipped with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 650/652 processors to make your gameplay even faster and smoother. With the ultimate 4850 mAh battery, you can watch videos for up to a day in a single charge! If you were worried about the storage then there is no need to worry anymore because Mi Max comes with up to 128GB internal storage and that is why we call it “Max” because it is maximum from every aspect.


The device is packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 650/652 and Adreno 510 are the new generation of the high-end and super powerful processors and GPU which take your gameplay to the next level and with 4GB of RAM, you would forget “lag” forever!


Mi Max is equipped with a battery which can be counted in the list of highest battery power for a mobile device yet which is up to 4850mAh, with the upcoming MIUI 8 system-level power optimization, standby battery life is highly improved. After a full charge, online video playback is over 14 hours! Other devices could only play online videos for upto 7 to 10 hours.


Want more movies, photos and music saved to your phone? Mi Max offers 4GB + 128GB version. It also supports up to 128GB Micro-SD expansion card, which means you can expand your phone’s memory up to 256GB. With Mi Max’s clever design, you could use either both the slots for SIM cards or use one for the SIM and other for Micro-SD expansion!

Fingerprint and Camera

Mi Max offers a high-speed fingerprint sensor which could be used for standard fingerprint recognition, making payments safer, view private files into the privacy of children and management mode. The fingerprint sensor learns your fingerprint over time which means that more the successful unlocks, better the recognition rate.
Tempted by the beauty around, we want to capture this pleasant moment. With Mi Max’s 16 mp high-quality primary camera and with the help of professional camera’s phase focusing technology, which enables instantaneous focus, you can capture the beautiful moments in an easy way.

Mi Max

Mi Max supports dual SIM cards with 4G and voLTE!


Mi Max’s screen is equipped with several advanced display technology that can intelligently adjust screen pixels so that it is clearly visible in high brightness.It can accurately control the backlight and make your night browsing dazzle-free too. You can also switch to eye mode that makes the screen color feel more like paper which is more comfortable to read on.

For better outdoor usage, Mi Max has real-time ambient light detection, dynamic global pixel adjustment and brightens the dark so that the screen under the sun is always clear and sharp.

Mi Max is available in 3 different variants :
3GB + 32GB for RMB1499/$230.22
3GB + 64GB for RMB1699/$260.94
4GB + 128GB for RMB1999/$307.02


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