Bizarre: Chinese Man Buys Eight iPhone 7s for His Dog. 2

Chinese man buys iphone 7 for his dog

According to Reports coming in from china, Wang Sicong who is the son of Chinese billionaire, Wang Jianlin, bought not one, not two, but eight iPhone 7s for a dog. The photos were posted on the dog’s verified Weibo social media account (China’s version of twitter).


What in the world is a dog doing with a phone and not just any phone but eight whopping iPhone 7 devices?

Chinese man buys iphone 7 for his Dog
The iPhone 7 costs at least $1,000 (6669.15 Yuan) and reports show some stores are selling for up to $3,000 (20,007.45 Yuan).
Chinese Man buys iPhone 7 for his dog
Last Year photos of the dog wearing two Apple Watches with luxury bands worth around $37,000 surfaced raising widespread outcry in China.

Chinese man buys iphone 7 for his dog

The dog with her iPhone 7s

Still don’t get it. If the iPhones were for humans, would have made a lot of sense, but for a dog? Come on! Who am I to complain, it’s his money.

Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong

Man buys eight iphone 7s for dog

wang sicong’s dog with her apple watches

Imagine what you could have done with such money. Feel free to share your thoughts.



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