Spanish Smartphone Company, Zetta, Rebrands and Sells Xiaomi Smartphones as their Own


Usually, it’s Chinese made smartphones that are accused of copying established brands like Apple and Samsung. But this comes as a surprise when a supposed Spanish manufacturing rebrands and sells Xiaomi Smartphones as their own. Zetta, is a Spanish high-end smartphone brand that came out to provide alternatives to the iPhone and Samsung for Spaniard. The company is suspected of repackaging Xiaomi Smartphones, passing them off as original products and selling them on at inflated prices. The company has denied the allegations.

The StartUp was founded in 2014 by a Spanish national, Unai Nieto and Chinese national, Eric Cui. It sold about 1200 devices in few weeks when the company launched. A closer look at the Zetta’s logo shows the company is an ‘Apple wannabe’. Their logo is the outline of an acorn that has had a bite taken out of it, a clear reference to the Apple logo.


Sticker showing Xiaomi and Serial number on Zetta Device. |Image source: forocoches via IBTimes

On October 15th reports came in from Spanish Tech forum, forocoches  that users investigated the phone and it turned out to be a xiaomi device. Another tech site, Thegeekhammer also picked up the reports and investigated the Android Operating system running on the smartphone. They discovered the device was running on a CyanogenMod, an open-source community-maintained custom ROM, that is free only for personal use. It became weirder when one of the forum users removed the sticker beneath the battery at the back of the device and allegedly found another smaller sticker beneath it with the Xiaomi logo and a serial code. Other users discovered the same thing when they checked their phones.


Xiaomi devices similar to Zetta devices, when compared

Members of the forum began comparing other models of the Zetta and found they were similar to Xiaomi smartphones . Even phone cases made specifically for Xiaomi smartphones was been sold for Zetta devices.

ZettaThe company has since issued a statement in Spanish and translated below



Before the demonstrations “not proven” expressed in various forums and media, the mobile phone company based in Zafra, initially based in Madrid, Zetta Smartphone, she states that the opinions expressed on the web about this brand are inaccurate.

The first Smartphone this Extremadura company released for sale, the Zetta Multiverse, was designed and made by the company with the support of Chinese production chains.

In other models, the company shares electronics with some companies in the Asian sector, say from Zetta Smartphone works on improvement, adaptation and Smartphone usability for European customers.

The components of the Smartphone of these companies are not practically usable with European networks and use, so from Zetta incorporating software which is improving and the possible use of it is added.

Zetta claims that the real added value of this company is adapting the software of some components and leading foundations technologically for any Extremeño, Spanish and European citizen can use it with full guarantee, since the customer service is its main added value.

Zetta is a small company, with only 7 workers, who are humbly working hard to offer the Asian technology and its use in Spain and Europe for proper operation.

Zetta Smartphone.

Meanwhile the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has issued a statement to Spanish paper, El Pais, denying doing any deals with the Spanish Smartphone brand, which is currently under attack in Spain for allegedly passing off Xiaomi phones as original products and selling them on at inflated prices. Xiaomi has not said if it will take any legal action against the Spanish firm but there are calls in Spain for authorities to charge the company with fraud.

And here I thought “Aba Boys” in Nigeria are bad copiers. They are even more original than this Spanish Smartphone brand. Should Zetta be charged or not? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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