Transient Smartphone Blindnes

Transient Smartphone Blindness: Looking at Your Smartphone in Bed Could Lead to Temporary blindness 3

Doctors have reported that using cell phones in the dark caused temporary blindness in two women. In a New England Journal of Medicine  article titled “transient smartphone blindness”, it was reported that two women, ages 22 and 40, had complained of having  recurring vision loss for to 15 minutes. They ran […]

Tech Miracles

Tech Miracles: 25 Year Old lived Without a Heart for More than a Year 5

Credit| University  of Michigan Health System 25 Year Old Stan Larkin had his heart removed in 2014 after he and his older brother, Dominique, were diagnosed with familial cardiomyopathy, a genetic condition that’s known to cause heart failure without warning. The heart condition is one of the leading causes of […]

Bionic Eye

Tech Miracles: Bionic eye restores man’s vision after 40 years of blindness 3

Miracles come in different forms. A man’s sight was restored after 40 years of blindness and it wasn’t in miracle crusade. Science and Technological advancements have been performing their own kind of miracles of recent. John Jameson who’s from Tatum,  Texas, had been blind for more than 40 years after […]

Energy Sector

Five Innovations Set To Change The Energy Industry 2

The Energy sector has been hit by another flood of innovation and we should now amplify the open doors exhibited by the onset of enormous information and brilliant frameworks. The production of Smart Grids with inbuilt digital intelligence is transforming the way energy is generated, distributed, managed, and stored. Shrewd […]