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For weeks now, the two biggest smartphone companies, Apple and Samsung are in the limelight but for opposite reasons. While Samsung is facing troubling times with exploding batteries of its latest Flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, Apple seems to be the biggest gainers with the launch of the iPhone 7 […]

Apple Launches the iPhone 7, Apple Watch and Brings Super Mario to Mobile

Super Mario is Coming to Mobile as Apple Unveils the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus 2

At long last, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has been unveiled. The big reveal was almost ruined by apple themselves as their Twitter handle “let the cat out of the bag” before Tim Cook started speaking. They have since deleted all tweets from all such accounts. Confirming the […]

mesuit phone case

Best of Both Worlds : Mesuit Case will let you run Android on your IPhones simultaneously 4

Before the Mesuit Case, there has been an ongoing debate on which is better between Android devices and iOS devices. IPhone users feel the Android OS is inferior and lags a lot. While Android users feel the iPhone hardware is outdated, offering inferior specs compared to Android flagships like the Samsung […]